Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Introducing Forbidden Passion Press!

COMING SOON! Forbidden Passion Press, an erotic romance eBook publisher, run by readers who love a great erotic romance with rich characters and engaging plots, produced for readers who want the same.

Who are we?

Roy Swift – Managing partner. Both an avid reader and a playwright once upon a time, Roy is now devoted to Forbidden Passion Press. With project management experience in a Fortune 10 company, Roy will be responsible for running the nuts and bolts of the business, including accounting, accounts receivable and accounts payable, obtaining ISBNs—and general smooth running of the business.

Shelby Burns – Editor-in-chief. With nearly 25 years as an avid romance reader, Shelby has read it all from the great, to the “eh”, to the really terrible. Having worked as both a fiction writing teacher and freelance editor in the past, Shelby is well qualified to edit contracted manuscripts into the best reads possible.

Mona Peters – Submissions Coordinator/Marketing Director. Also an avid romance reader and former reviewer, Mona will help Shelby and other copyeditors procure the best submissions possible. Once contracted, all books will be given a standard online promotional package to help spread the word among readers and augment any promotion the author provides. She will also be spreading the love for Forbidden Passion Press across the Internet.

Daniela Morgan – Copyeditor Coordinator. A voracious bibliophile for the last 30 years, Daniela is excited to channel her love of the written word into Forbidden Passion Press. With experience as a book reviewer and editor, along with a great eye for detail, Daniela is a valuable addition to the staff and will endeavor to produce clean, error-free reads.

Eve Miller - Line Copyeditor. Having taught English for years and edited extensively, Eve is an avid book lover who naturally reads with a critical eye. A wordsmith herself, she is pleased to be a part of the Fobidden Passion Press family and looks forward to making these books the best they can be.

We’re thrilled! We hope you will consider joining us for this fun, exciting venture!

We are currently accepting submissions!

General Submission Statement

We are open for submissions in “forbidden” romance genres, particularly ménage, BDSM, homoerotic and capture/abduction stories from authors who are passionate about erotic romance. Sex scenes must sizzle. Be explicit, use adult language and leaving nothing to the imagination. Books can be set in contemporary, historical, paranormal/fantasy worlds, etc.

All books MUST possess a strong, romance-oriented plot and end with a happily-ever-after. We are NOT interested in books that are strictly sexfests. Our goal is to cultivate authors with vivid, passionate voices and the ability to deliver well-crafted characters and relationships. We’re most interested in books of 40,000 to 60,000 words, but will consider works as short as 20,000 and as long as 80,000. Nothing under 20,000 words will be considered at this time.

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  1. I didn't notice this "About us" info on the website. You may want to include it. Nice cover art, btw. :)