Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Call for Submissions

Submission Guidelines

Send submissions to and attach:

· A detailed synopsis (2 to 5 pages describing setting and main characters and outlining full plot, including resolution).

· Your complete manuscript (doc or rtf format).

· The subject line of the email should say SUBMISSION: your name and the title of your book.

We are an electronic publisher, so we accept only electronic submissions. Please do not attempt to send us submissions on paper via snail mail. They will not be considered.

Thoroughly self-edit your submission. Clean type and grammatically error-free manuscripts receive more consideration. We have no required format for your manuscript, but suggest using one-inch margins and a variable-space, easy to read font (such as Times Roman, Arial, Book Antigua).

Previously published authors: We will consider your out-of-print books if you hold exclusive rights.

No manuscript will be considered that is in any way demeaning to an individual or group of people.

Here are elements that cross the line from “forbidden” to distasteful:

• NO pedophilia.

• NO incest.

• NO sex with a minor.

• NO violent rape as titillation. Rape may be used as part of the plot, especially as backstory supporting character development. Actual violence against a character should not be graphically depicted. Scenes with dubious consent may be considered if it’s clear that all parties are enjoying the experience.

• NO bodily functions (e.g., “golden showers”).

• NO necrophilia.

• NO weapons used for sexual purposes and/or shoved into orifices.

• NO bestiality. This rule refers to actual animals; this does not apply to shape-shifting protagonists and “otherworldly” beings in animal form.

• NO books with multiple females in the same sexual relationship. These books do not typically sell well to female readers.

Submission Tips

• Professional cover email, clean from errors or awkward writing.

• Clear synopsis. Thoroughly explain the story in a straightforward manner, from beginning to end. Do not indicate that if we want to know the ending of the book, we must acquire it first. We won’t.

We strongly encourage:

• Books you would actually read and buy to read for yourself.

• Believable and likeable characters that evoke the reader's emotions.

• An emotional connection between characters, and the sensuality worked into the development of the romantic relationship.

• Goal, motivations and conflicts strong enough to carry the length of the story. We like to see well developed internal AND external conflict. There should be a reason for the protagonists can’t be together that has everything to do with their personalities and/or their dreams, hopes, or deeply held beliefs, as well as a reason they can’t be together that pertains to forces outside their relationship.

• Good blend of dialogue, narrative and action.

• Intriguing, believable plot, no major holes, no “miracle” resolutions.

• Originality: not the same plot elements and character types everyone has already read a hundred times.

• Clear point of view, no head hopping. Keep POV changes within a scene minimal.

• Avoiding first person. We will consider it on a limited basis, but it must be VERY compelling.

• World building (for paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi) that doesn’t overshadow the characters and/or relationship.

• Character or other proper names that aren’t difficult to pronounce.

Miscellaneous Facts

• You do not need a literary agent. However, if you have one, we will happily work with him/her.

• A copy of our standard boilerplate contract will be available soon.

• Royalties are paid quarterly.

• Payments for authors living in the U.S. will be sent via PayPal or check through U.S. Mail. For authors living outside the U.S., payments will be PayPal only.

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