Friday, February 27, 2009


Forbidden Passion Press is excited to announce that they have signed their first two authors!

Conquering India by veteran author
Melissa Schroeder is a menage with an older woman and two younger men, slated to release late this summer.

Caterer India Singer is getting her life on track, hoping to make a big splash with her new company. She doesn’t need any distractions…especially a younger man. After being left for a younger woman, she won't get involved with another man destined to leave her. But for some reason security expert Wade Thompson won’t take no for an answer.

Wade knows exactly what he wants and just how to get it. He’s pulling out the stops because he is sure that India is the woman for him…and his best friend and business partner, Marc Jasper. Marc’s divorce has left him bitter, and he isn’t too sold on the idea. Still, he wants India as much as Wade, and resisting her is becoming a full time job.

When a threat to India has her in constant contact with Marc, the lure of the curvy older woman is too much to ignore. But when both men raise the stakes and ask for more than just a fling, will India take another chance on love?

Men of Blade: His Secret Seduction is the start of an exciting new M/M series by new author Kris Cook and is also slated to release late this summer.

Project Blade. Selected from the best at the CIA, the men of Blade possess the intelligence, training, experience, skill—and sexual preference—necessary to handle the most sensitive missions.

With every lead going cold, Craig Elder, commander of Blade, heads to Texas to catch the assassin of his mentor and friend. Craig will stop at nothing to get justice—even using the killer’s ex-lover, Derek Forrester, regardless of the man’s wealth, connections, or innocence. Craig suspects the killer still has feelings for Derek and that getting close to the sexy cowboy will flush him out.

Derek Forrester, a successful Dallas businessman during the week, escapes every weekend to his West Texas ranch. With the arrival of the gorgeous IRS auditor, Craig Elder, Derek’s days of self-imposed isolation morph into nights of sensual pleasures. Soon, Derek realizes Craig is hiding something dark and dangerous. Derek’s been down that painful path before with one ex.

But to escape the killer stalking them, will he be forced to heed his heart…or will trusting Craig's love be a fatal mistake?

Forbidden Passion Press is excited to have both of these authors on board!

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